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Major updates in this blog

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After many months (years) not updating this blog, I finally decided to come back to it. In this post I'm going to:

  • Explain what happened, and my decision to start posting in other platforms,
  • Why I'm getting back, and
  • Why I decided to use english to write my articles.

Also, my intetion for now is to now delete the old articles written in portuguese, since they are still part of my journey, and I would like to keep it recorded.

Posting in other platforms

During this time that this blog was abandoned, I have used different platforms to host my articles, where I can cite those two:

Why I decided to do this?

Well, because I thought it would be better to write for those other platforms since they can reach a broader public. And, in fact, this is true.

But there is another aspect to take into consideration in this scenario.

When you write your post and publish in those websites, if they eventually die... Well, good bye to your content.

So, although I intend to keep using those other platforms, I will also keep my articles in this website as a backup.

Why I'm getting back

There are many months since the last time I used Next.js and Typescript for a project. My idea is to sharpen my skill once again in those tools by enhancing this blog.

Notice that this is a process that could take some time, so be patient if you encounter some random bug one day or other. I'm still in the process.

Why I decided to use english to write my articles

Finally, I decided to write in english because this way I can talk with a bigger audience.

And why this is good?

Before answering this question you must know why I created this blog. I use this space to expose things that I'm learning or doing, that I think are cool.

Since I'm in the process of learning, it make sense that I'll be running into mistakes some times.

And this is the rationale for targeting a broader audience. With more people reading my articles I can get more feedback (I hope).

My goal in the moment is to simply port my articles from those other platforms to this blog, and this is what I'll be doing first.